Stonehenge to open to public
for summer solstice

as it appeared on, 12 May 2000
Link to original article no longer active. Archive cannot be found on Web site.

LONDON (Reuters) — The circle of huge ancient stones at England's Stonehenge tourist landmark will be open to the public for the first time in 16 years during this year's summer solstice, officials said on Friday.

The area was normally cordoned off but would be open to the public from the morning of Tuesday, June 20 until the morning of Wednesday, June 21, English Heritage, which runs the site, said in a statement.

"In providing managed open access this year, our key priorities will be to ensure public order and safety," it said.

Druids often go to Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice — the time of the year at which the sun strays furthest north from the equator, giving the northern hemisphere its longest day and shortest night.

The site, a circle of upright stones and an altar stone facing the rising sun, is also a focus for New Age travelers who clashed with riot police when the area was cordoned off last year.

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