Salesman and

Not once had my salesman EVER said ANYTHING about a 5 YEAR CONTRACT!No one in their right mind would sign up for that!I immediately called Vivint. The billing guy I got had to transfer me to a “Customer Loyalty specialist” who knew the answers to my questions. I asked him about the cancellation policy. He told me that most people only have 3 DAYS to cancel their Vivint service or else they would be locked into the 5 year contract, but I somehow got 30 days on mine because of some promotion. I asked him if someone were to break their contract how much would they have to pay and he said 100% of the remaining balance. That means if I cancelled it next year it would cost me about $3000!The “Customer Loyalty specialist” then told me he could drop the contract to only 42 months. Alder Security

That sounded just like a Comcast tactic to me. Disgusting. I also asked him about the clause in the contract about raising prices because originally Vivint said they would NEVER increase my monthly payment. Funny how they need a clause for that if they're never going to raise it, huh?Let me just show you what the clause says here. It's absurd.

In case you can't see it in the picture, the very last sentence says they CAN increase my monthly payment as long as they give me 60 days notice. The customer loyalty specialist I was talking to didn't have much to say after I called him out for that, just that “Most people are happy with their service”. I'm furious right now that I fell for these door to door sales scams. The next one that comes to my door is getting a big middle finger. I don't care if he's got the best product and is the nicest, poorest guy in the world.

If they had a good product that wasn't a scam, they wouldn't need to go soliciting it door to door. Alder Security